About Maya

My name's Takas Neşeli, but everybody just calls me Maya. My Mum named me that after one of those funny dogs with no scent from the TV. That's an anagram for 'My Amazing Young Anatolian', whatever an anagram is. I'm five years old, I weigh 55 kilos, and I am fawn with a black mask, but I have a white tail tip too. I live with my Mum and Mum's pets in sunny Townsville, Australia.



Friday, 3 February 2017


Well the New Year has arrived, and Mum is super happy because there is RAIN about again! For a long time there hasn't been any and the river has been boring because it was all just sand, and where's the fun in that for Summertime? But we actually got quite a lot of rain.

This much.

The other day I got to go and visit Grandma's place to play with Goldie! (Also, Grandma is very good for getting treats. Sometimes I get cheese.) We had a lot of fun running around playing Wrestle in the wet dirt.

Plying Wrestle with Goldie is hard work because she has so much energy.

I don't quite know how, but just like magic, this really great hole suddenly appeared in the yard while we were playing.

I thought I better investigate.
But I have no clue how it happened.

Goldie is pretty good at Wrestle, because she's fast - even though she never catches me by surprise of course because I'm faster.
Goldie thinks trying to strangle me will let her win. Nope.

Afterwards we chilled out for a while watching TV with Mum and Grandma. You need some downtime after a good game of Wrestle, after all!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Big Training Night

Mum's been pretty busy at Work lately - turns out she's moved to an all new work, a bit closer to our home, so shorter car rides for Mum. But it turns out Mum's old work is still going strong since she took me for a visit there tonight - and in fact everybody from her new work, old work and other works were there too, along with some nice people who'd come to give me pats and attention.

The night was for what Mum says is a 'training night' which I think is a fancy way of saying 'lots of talking'. I didn't mind though because pretty much everybody wanted to pat me, and so I helped out with a lot of presentations.

Cuddles from Greencross vets!

Well that sign can't be right. That should clearly be a dog.

Helping with an Ezydog presentation!

Helping Jo from Mars petcare!

Thirsty work, all this helping.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Summer Beach Times

Well though we've had a little rain (mud!) it's still pretty hot here in the tropics. Mum has been a bit sick but she was well enough today for a beach walk! It's the best place to spend time at when it's sunny. 

We only took a short walk today since Mum is still recovering, but we had time to have a spa and do some rockclimbing. 


Lookout rock!

Also there was a new sand-dune. Mum says they appear sometimes after lots of wind and strong tides. Caught me a bit by surprise though.

Woah, who put this here?


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Camping Adventure Part 1: The Journey

This year is shaping up to be AMAZING! On Friday, Mum started packing bags and initially I was suspicious that she was going on holidays. But then I saw her packing my bag, and biscuits, lead and treats too - it turns out that dogs can come on some holidays! 

First came a reeeeeeally long car trip. I don't mind car trips that much because the shaking of the car makes it easy to sleep, plus there's always somewhere great for an Adventure when you get out of the car. The first place we stopped was a town called Ingham.

Turns out they take their trees pretty seriously at Ingham.

It was great to stretch my legs and have a cold drink after so long in the car, but it was pretty hot - since Mum wouldn't let me swim in this most excellent dog bath, I was pretty happy to get back in the car and have Cold Air on instead. 

The next place we stopped was called Cardwell. Mum knows it pretty well because she often visited it when she was younger and she lived on a boat. (She says it's a bit different now though).

I approved of Cardwell because of this:

 It's a dugong play tunnel! Mum says it's actually for kids, not dogs. Doesn't make much sense!
Townsville doesn't have a Dugong.
 So we stopped in Cardwell long enough for lunch. (I had a beef ear with liver on it. Yuuum...) Then it was back on the road for the next leg of our Adventure, but I'll tell you all about it next time!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

You call THAT a surprise?!

 Remember that surprise Mum told me about?

The one I thought couldn't possibly be another brother?


Yeah, it's another brother, all right. And this one is BIGGER THAN ME.


You want me to befriend whatnow?

His name is Toby and he's a spotty horse type called Appaloosa. Mum says he wants to be friends with me.

I'm ignoring that until you shrink it to acceptable proportions.

Mum says that just like I have to be nice to Kipper even though he's grumpy and never wants to play Wrestle, I have to be nice to Toby. What good is that going to be? Toby DEFINITELY looks like he'll be no good at Wrestle. Look at those ridiculous long legs! We're not even going to get into that face. 
Even Dad is pleased Toby is here as apparently horses mow grass so we will never have to use a lawnmower again.

Friends??? Hard pass.
Mum just laughed at me. "You'll get used to him Maya."
Here it comes...
"Remember, worse things happen at sea!"

Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Markets

In keeping with our Summer routine of evening Adventures (as mandated by the heat) we went to the Night Markets very last one for the year. It was for Christmas, and Mum did buy some Christmas presents, but otherwise, it didn't look very Christmassy to me!

We stopped by the stall of the group who rescued my oldest brother Kipper from the pound - Australian Working Dog Rescue. They were busy raising money to help rescue dogs and showing people how great it is when they adopt a dog, but of course there was time for a photo with me!

I was very impressed when Mum and I brought a raffle ticket, they knew to put my name on it! (Mum let me use her phone number, though...)
After we said goodbye to AWDRI and we were done with the night markets, we walked a bit further down the Strand - and right at the end of our night, we finally found something Christmassy!

Christmas lights!!
Besides, Mum said this week I get to help her put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house for Christmas! She also says she has a surprise in store... last time I heard the word 'surprise' I wound up with a new, grumpy older brother who never wants to play with me (Yes, that's Kipper... I know he's old and blind and deaf but he really isn't very much fun...) but this wouldn't be another surprise like that.

... Would it?

Friday, 27 November 2015

Evening Adventures

Our Adventures of late have been largely confined to the evenings - it's Summer again and exceptionally hot. Mum has a pool for me outside and a special cool mat for when I'm inside, but if we go on Adventures during the day we almost melt.

EXCUSE ME. The CAT is on my cooling mat!!
I'm never going outside again.

Last night, we had a long adventure. It started with a trip to a place called Bunnings, a human store that dogs are actually allowed inside. Only if wearing a muzzle though...

Mum. People are looking.

I did get some pats from the nice staff members though, so I suppose wearing the muzzle was acceptable. After we brought stuff at Bunnings we went to the Strand! It was lovely and cool there because of the wind. I guess everybody had the same idea of coming down at night as me and Mum did, because there were plenty of people there to admire me.

Also giant coconuts.
We walked down the pier which is funny at night. It's too dark to see the water, you can just smell it and hear the waves down below.

Mum always lets me stop and have a rest break at the Strand. This time I made found a very comfy bed.

Sooo comfy.

After our Strand walk, we stopped by Grandma's place and got some trees. (Mum got cake, Goldie and I got dog treats.)

Notice which dog is sitting politely for treats.

It was quite late by the time we got home, but I don't at all mind Evening Adventures.